Rosemary + Argan Oil Hair Mask

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This nourishing argan oil hair mask infused with essential oils will be sure to get you the Rapunzel locks you desire. This combo is volumising, deep conditioning, rejuvenating, and promotes hair growth.

Ingredients for a DIY hair mask to promote hair growth on the kitchen bench

Don’t you just hate when Goddesses naturally blessed with a thick, shiny, healthy mane are the cover girls for hair supplements, masks and other products?

Well it all ends today – because I’m here with my ever-whispy super fine hair that tangles at the mere sight of a comb, to share a simple recipe I’m so excited about because it really works!

Hair oiling is a beauty ritual that deeply conditions and protects the hair. It involves applying a natural plant oil to the hair and scalp, massaging it in, then washing out.

It can be applied to wet or damp hair, is safe, natural and non-tox.

With regular application to the hair, you can enhance lubrication of the shaft and prevent breakage, nourish the follicles and promote new hair growth (via an increase in circulation and delivery of nutrients to the scalp).

You can either oil your hair intensely, as in a hair mask applied to the whole head, or as a serum – applying a few drops at a time and massaging in, as maintenance.

It is the combination of the vegetable oil with essential oils (and their regular application) that works to promote hair health and growth.

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Bottle of argan oil with rosemary essential oil to make a hair mask with

Selecting the best hair oil

Several oils have been touted as being beneficial for hair – sesame, castor oil, coconut, black cumin, and argan are among them.

I’ve gone with argan for this recipe – I’ve used cold pressed organic sesame oil infused with herbs in the past, which was lovely, but had a faint sesame scent, and have also tried castor oil, which was a disaster on my hair as it is just so thick and sticky – you’d have to cut it with another oil just to make it manageable.

Argan oil – the ‘miracle oil’ – comes from the nut of the argan tree in Morocco. Cold pressed extra virgin is regarded as the highest quality.

Argan oil is rich in the antioxidant vitamin E, unsaturated oleic and linoleic acids, sterols, carotenoids and polyphenols. It has been used for centuries to promote skin, hair and general health.

  • The main fatty acids found in argan oil are oleic acid (48.5%) and linoleic acid (28%). These fatty acids are hydrating and moisturising to the hair
  • Argan oil contains 63mg/100g of tocopherols (vitamin E), which is over double that found in olive oil. The main tocopherol in argan oil is gamma-tocopherol – a potent antioxidant
  • Argan’s polyphenol content also contributes to its antioxidant effects
  • The carotenoid content of argan oil may lend some sun-protective effects
  • Argan oil contains plant sterols – which, when taken internally, are effective at lowering cholesterol
  • Topically, argan has a history of use for skin conditions – acne, scars, dry skin, wrinkles, psoriasis, eczema, inflammation (including joint pain), burns and wounds
  • It is the fatty acid content of argan oil that helps hydrate the skin to enhance barrier function. The vitamin E content is protective against free radical damage and signs of aging
  • Similarly, vitamin E seals deeply, moisturises and conditions the hair, protecting it from drying and breaking
  • Argan oil’s rich nutrient profile can also stimulate new hair growth

Amplifying your hair oil with essential oils

Now comes for a little extra magic. Recently, evidence has been supporting the traditional use of various essential oils in preventing hair loss and increasing new growth.

The mechanism of action is thought to be due to the oils promoting blood circulation to the scalp, therefore increasing delivery of nutrients, and by acting as antioxidants to prevent damage.

My top pick is rosemary essential oil, but there are a few other hot contenders to speak to:

  • Rosemary essential oil is a traditional hair remedy, and was also highly regarded as a general beauty tonic. Anne of Cleves – King Henry the Eight’s fourth wife, wore sprigs of rosemary in her hair at their wedding. It is also one of our oldest known incenses
  • Cedarwood essential oil has a relaxing and grounding aroma, and supports healthy looking skin and hair
  • Lavender essential oil is incredibly soothing to the skin and scalp, and may help prevent dandruff
  • Thyme essential oil helps keep the scalp healthy, and has antioxidant activity

Rosemary + Argan Oil Hair Mask Recipe


  • Large bottle of cold pressed, extra virgin argan oil (avoid oil that has been deodarised)
  • doTERRA rosemary essential oil
  • Small dish


  1. Decant a tablespoon (15ml) of argan oil into a small dish.
  2. Add 4-9 drops of rosemary essential oil (a 1-2% dilution).
  3. Dab your fingers in the oil then massage into scalp for 2-5 minutes, then cover with a hot towel to promote absorption.
  4. After 15-20 minutes, wash hair as usual – twice, to remove excess oil.
  5. This mask can be applied before every wash.


  • It actually took a few weeks before I began to notice just how hydrated and soft my hair had become. After two months I noticed far less hair fall and lots of new, whispy hair growth. Based on the literature I’ve read, you need to be consistent, as it takes up to 6 months to notice a significant change.

Now, if you don’t have time to apply a full on hair mask, you can also make a small dropper bottle of argan up, and add your essential oils directly to it.

Simply add a few drops of the finished oil to your palm and run your fingers through your, hair root to tip, to apply.

I made up a 20ml dropper with 12 drops (2% dilution) of rosemary essential oil.


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Thank you for reading, I hope this brings you hair Rapunzel would be envious of!

See you again next week,



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