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If you can’t wait to get your hands on some of these beautiful oils, you can set up a wholesale account with doTERRA within minutes and place an order, getting top quality oils for the best prices. Your products will arrive at your doorstep within a few days, and you’ll have the option to join the most generous rewards program I have ever come across.

Most people start by purchasing an enrolment kit (no joining fee).

There are kits to suit every budget to choose from, however the Home Essentials Kit is the most popular. The Home Essentials Kit contains your 10 foundational oils, and a beautiful diffuser.

The oils in this kit have such diverse applications, that you will be able to use it time and again for a whole range of health and wellbeing needs. There is no joining fee if you opt to start with a kit, whichever one that might be.

If you don’t want to start with a kit, you can pay a small membership fee then order whatever you desire.

The membership fee is $35 AU, or $40 NZ. This gives you access to your account for 12 months.

With both options, you immediately get access to oils at wholesale prices, which is 25% less than retail. You also get support from me, helpful oil resources, and access to a vibrant community of oil lovers over on facebook. There is no monthly minimum order (unless you’d like to take advantage of the most amazing rewards programme ever).

And finally, you don’t have to pursue doTERRA as a business venture, although if you’d like to, that’s a conversation I’d love to have with you.

Ready? Let’s do this!

How to Buy doTERRA:

  1. Click on this link to go to my wellness advocate page
  2. In the top nav, click ‘Join & Save’
  3. Click your home country/language and where you’d like your oils shipped to
  4. Select ‘Wholesale Customer’ if you’d like to use the oils and love them, or ‘Wellness Advocate’ if you’re interested in sharing doTERRA and earning commission, and/or building a business
  5. Complete the ‘About You’ page, and ensure both the ‘Enroller ID’ and ‘Sponsor ID’ have my membership number; 6022806 (this ensures you get support direct from me)
  6. On the next page, choose your enrolment kit (I’ve outlined the various kit options below). If you don’t want an enrolment kit, select the ‘Introductory Enrolment Packet’ (i.e. the one-off joining fee)
  7. Enter your payment information then click ‘Process Order Now & Continue’
  8. As an option, you can choose to join the Loyalty Rewards Programme (LRP) – more on this below
  9. Done! Expect a welcome email with incredible resources from me soon after!

Note: if you have been introduced to the oils via a class by someone other than myself, please connect with them to set up your account.

  doTERRA Frankincense surrounded by resin

The Enrolment Kits 

Decisions, decisions! Here is the low-down on 3 of the 7 kits on offer here in Aus and NZ. See below for links to kits available in different countries as they differ slightly.

doTERRA's Family Essentials Kit with Smart and Sassy

Family Essentials Kit with Smart & Sassy | $174 AU, $195 NZ

This kit contains 10x 5ml bottles of essential oils, plus a full sized 15ml Smart & Sassy – doTERRA’s metabolic blend. Because the bottles are small sized – think of this as a sampler. It doesn’t come with a diffuser.


Buy doTERRA - the Home Essentials Kit on display

The Home Essentials Kit | $330 AU, $365 NZ

This is the most popular choice and my recommendation. These 10 essential oils are your absolute foundation. Individually, they have such diverse properties that you will be able to use them time and again to support 80-90% of you and your family’s health and wellness needs. This kit is better value than the Family Essentials, as you get 3x the oils for less than double the price.

Personally, I’d add a fractionated coconut oil to this (and to the above) – so you can dilute your oils appropriately and use them topically.

But doTERRA - the Nature's Solutions Kit on display

Nature’s Solution Kit | $635 AU, $700 NZD

This is the kit for you if you know you are ready and committed to a total wellness overhaul – a wide range of essential oils to support virtually all body systems, in addition to natural cleaning and personal care products, helping you reduce your toxic load. You’ll get all the oils in the Home Essentials Kit, additional single oils and blends, a diffuser and a fractionated coconut oil so you can start using them safely, topically.

To view more info the kits available in your corner of the globe, see below:

AU / NZ Product Guides:


Why the monthly Loyalty Rewards Programme (LRP) is incredible value

If you are like me (and millions of other doTERRA customers), you may find yourself falling down the rabbit hole of essential oils in the most beautiful way. These plant extracts have so much to offer, you’ll soon find yourself wanting to expand on your collection, or replace the oils you have used.

The LRP is so incredibly generous, and the smartest way to grow your collection.

doTERRA assign a point value (PV) to their products. With LRP, you get rewarded up to 30% of the PV of your monthly LRP order back in points to spend on oils of your choice as they accumulate. You will need to commit to a monthly order of 50 PV to take part, but unlike other loyalty rewards programmes, you can opt in and out at any time and with no cost.

If you’d like to read more, see doTERRA’s LRP flyer here.

Buy doTERRA and get support from Naturopath Lauren Glucina

Any questions? I’m an email away and happy to chat if need be.

How to get doTERRA essential oils into your home



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