“The greatest wealth, is health.”


My philosophy: Get back to Nature.


Plant based whole foods in their most natural state.


Knowledge and use of the simple, natural herbal remedies our ancestors were once so familiar with.


Time spent really connecting with Nature, to rebalance and find your centre again – but also to remind ourselves of the real need to step up and work towards living and working as sustainably as we possibly can, for our future generations.

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Ascension Kitchen is about educating on Plant Powered Wellness for Body + Soul

Simple and creative recipes, remedies and practices to use in your everyday life, that will better your body, free the mind, fuel the soul and go easy on the Earth and other sentient beings.

As a health practitioner, a big part of my work is about education. I truly believe that this humble and back to basics approach of just getting back to nature in all ways possible, is one that will help build the foundations for lasting health.

My offering

  • Browse my collection of tried and tested plant based recipes that support your body rather than stress it. All recipes are free from refined sugars, gluten and dairy.
  • Browse my growing collection of simple natural remedies to add to your Home Apothecary. All are free from harsh chemicals and carcinogens, gentle on you, gentle on the earth.
  • Read through my articles on the many ways to nourish the Soul, including the practices I weave into my own regular self-care / self-love routine.
  • Visit my Store for fairly priced, beautifully designed ebooks filled with health and wellness advice and some seriously tasty recipes.
  • Give my two apps a test drive – the perfect way to sneak a little extra wellness into your day. Start with the Green Smoothies App for simple nourishing recipes, or leap into the Raw Desserts App for creative alternatives to conventional dessert recipes.
  • Explore Wellness Coaching with me if you would like to be thoroughly supported on your wellness journey. If you are overworked, stressed, burnt out, and suffering digestive complaints, I can help you make sustainable diet and lifestyle changes in my three-session Wellness Package. Support, guidance, recipes, shopping lists, tips, resources and more are all included.
  • Check out my Resources Page – a curated list of all my favourite health and wellness websites, books, documentaries and more.


I hope you enjoy exploring this ever-evolving site, it’s my absolute pleasure to be able to share my passions with such a growing community of beautifully conscious humans!

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