“The greatest wealth, is health.”


Welcome to Ascension Kitchen. I’m Lauren Glucina. I am a New Zealand based Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Nutritionist, and I’m absolutely passionate about Food as Medicine. Particularly, plant-foods.

This corner of the internet is my online sanctuary to share products, healthy recipes and nutritional information in the hope that it inspires you to simply include more plant foods in the diet, consequently bettering your health and wellbeing.

Ascension Kitchen started as a personal blog five years ago, in 2012. I chose the name Ascension as to me, living, natural plant foods have the most wonderful ability to totally change and uplift your energy.

My guiding philosophy is to Get back to Nature, because she always gets it right:

  • Include more plant-based wholefoods in the diet to give our bodies the best opportunity to thrive
  • literally tune into Nature (and turn off that digital stimulus!), to help keep grounded and balanced

Not only is the act of getting back to Nature like medicine for the body and a balm for the soul, it very readily reminds us of the need to step up and work towards living and working as sustainably as we possibly can, for our future generations.

My product range is my latest offering and addition to this space – four organic, raw, vegan frozen desserts under the name Lively Desserts.

Finally, I send out a weekly newsletter to subscribers, sharing a new recipe or health article. I try and keep things simple, wholesome, delicious, and educational.

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