"Knowing others is wisdom. Knowing yourself is enlightenment."
– Lao Tzu

Media & Events

Upcoming Events

Event: Taste of Auckland
Venue: 731 Great North Road, Western Springs, Auckland
Date: November 17th 2017
 7:30pm – 8pm 
Details: Heathy cooking demo, The Electrolux Taste Theatre

Past events, 2017

  • The Loft Yoga Lounge, ‘Recharge your gut health!’ – talk
  • Be Pure Live Well Festival, Panel discussion ‘The pursuit of work-life balance: living your life to your full potential’
  • Huckleberry Winter Wellness Series, ‘Inner Beauty/Outer Beauty’ – talk on gut health
  • The Food Show, Cooking demonstration at Ceres’ Healthy Hub Kitchen
  • Huckleberry Winter Wellness Series, ‘Gut Health 101’ – panel discussion on gut health


As a passionate Nutritionist, Naturopath and Medical Herbalist; product and app creator; writer and speaker –  I have contributed both recipes and articles to various online publications and blogs and have even appeared on Channel 7’s Morning Show (with a big batch of healthy fudge!). My favourite things to write to are the benefits of a whole foods, plant based diet, simple natural herbal remedies, and ways to nourish the soul. As a trained Raw Foods Chef,  I’m an alchemist in the kitchen – creating incredible, creative raw foods dishes (particularly raw treats!) often spiked with superfoods, herbs and flower essences. I have hosted some fun and successful workshops in Sydney.

For all media enquiries please contact me directly here.



A few highlights… 



The Hype, E! TV, Making Healthy Easter Treats


The Morning Show, Channel 7 Stress Busting Berries



Live Well Festival, Auckland ’17, panel discussion: ‘The pursuit of work-life balance: living your life to your full potential’

Be Pure Live Well Festival Lauren Glucina

Fashion Quarterly, interview

I AM Co, interview

Denizen Magazine, LIVELY™ Desserts feature

Viva magazine and website, feature article



GOOD Magazine, interview



Taste Magazine, feature for LIVELY™ Desserts


Restaurant & Cafe, interview


Metropol Magazine, front cover + feature article


Metropol Magazine, front cover + feature article

M2 Woman, feature article

Hospitality Business, feature article

Fresh, feature article

Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine, The Detox Issue, front cover + interview

Rescu, How to Make it in the Wellness Industry


Style Magazine Australia, Health Tips for Surviving the Silly Season

Nature & Health Magazine Australia, Strawberry Chamomile Ice Cream

Yum Gluten Free Magazine Australia, Green Smoothies App feature

Move Nourish Believe (Lorna Jane), interview

Good Food, Australia, Top Food Apps: Green Smoothies App

NZ Girl Hot Five: Raw Desserts App

A Conscious Beauty Herbs for the Skin

YOKE Magazine Issue One Contributor

Matakana Superfoods Meet Lauren from Ascension Kitchen



Radio Live, Interview with Annabelle White & Mitch Harris, 19/4/17, 30 minutes

The Mix, Interview with Mel Homer, 12/4/17, 3 minutes 15 seconds

Radio Live, ‘Top naturally anti-inflammatory foods’, 17/4/16, 20 minutes





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